The SAVe
The Simplified Automated Ventilator

SAVe Overview

The SAVe in field use

The SAVe is an automated BVM that delivers an AHA compliant tidal volume of 600 mL at 10 BPM for 5 hours.  This frees up the medic to give compressions, start fluids, treat other injuries or ready the patient for transport.  A single on/off switch eliminates the guesswork and operator error associated with BVMs and overly sophisticated transport ventilators.  The SAVe has been in use on the battlefield since 2007.

It is ideally suited for situations where the use of pressurized gas is inadvisable or unavailable, or where size, weight, ease of use and portability are a consideration. Forward deployed field medics, mass casualty incident coordinators within the DHS and EMS professionals will find the device well suited to their needs.

The SAVe is no longer in active production.  It has been replaced by the SAVe II which is a significantly more capable device yet still very easy to use.

How the SAVe Works

The SAVe uses a rechargeable sealed lead acid battery to drive an internal pump that delivers ambient air for 5 hours per charge. The device monitors airway pressure and will cut the pump off at 38 cmH2O.  Alarms for disconnect, high pressure and low battery assist the medic in monitoring the patient. The SAVe does not require O2 to operate but if desired low pressure supplemental air can be titrated to the patient.  It is a time cycle, volume targeted, pressure limited device.

Eliminate the guesswork and operator error linked to bagging in high stress environments.  The SAVe delivers an AHA compliant TV of 600 mL at 10 BPM for 5 hours.

It frees up the medic to treat other injuries, assist other patients, start fluids, administer drugs or pack the patient for transport.

SAVe Specifications

Time cycled, volume-targeted, pressure-limited

TV: 520-600 mL

RR: 10 BPM

PIP: 38 cmH2O


O2: Low flow source

I:E 1:1.7 fixed

Battery: Rechargeable

Duration:5 hours

Power: 100-240 VAC, 15 VDC,  50-60 Hz

Size: 6.5” x 6.25” x 2.5”  (102 in3)

Weight: 3.1 lbs | 1.4 kgs

SAVe Accessories

Please contact AutoMedx for current pricing and availability.

The SAVe is only to be used with accessories pre-approved by AutoMedx.

Part # Description NSN Weight Dimensions

M40003 Ruggedized Patient Breathing Circuit w/ Debris Filter 6515-01-580-0768 2 oz 3.25’L x 2”W x 1”D
E11000 Mask N/A 2 oz 4”L x 3”H x 5”W
E10478 Power Supply 6515-01-580-3522 10 oz 13.5’L x 3.5”H x 2.5”W
E11001 Head-strap N/A 1 oz 24”L x 1/16”H x 15.25”W
E10996 Syringe N/A .5 oz 5”L x 1”H x 1”W
E10365 Supplemental O2 Tubing 6515-01-580-3532 2 oz 6.75’L x 5”H x .25”W
M40037 Debris Filter (5 pack) 6515-01-580-0972 .25 oz 1.5”x .25”
F20020 Hard Case 6515-01-588-8198 5 lbs 16”L x 12”W x 7”D
E10477 ETCO2 Detector N/A .5 oz 2”L x 2”W x 1.5”D

AutoMedx no longer carries the E10477 CO2 detector part.  We are referring our customers to work directly with our original supplier, Bound Tree Medical (part #  530024)