The SAVe II uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery driven pump to deliver ambient air for up to 10 hours. Simply select the height of the patient and the device dials in a ARDSNet Protocol recommended tidal volume based on the patient’s ideal body weight. A respiratory rate is selected that generates a minute volume of 5-6.5 LPM depending on the size of the patient. Adjustments to rate, volume, peak inspiratory pressure and PEEP can be made as necessary. Supplemental O2 can be used to vary FIO2 21-100%.

SAVe II Portable Ventilator Features
  • Battle-tested and FDA approved
  • Designed for large casualty, emergency environment
  • Minimal training needed and simple to use
  • Provides PEEP airflow support following ARDSNet Protocol to keep airways open
  • Does not require compressed air to operate
  • Highly portable hand-sized device weighs 2.7 lbs
  • Rechargeable battery for 10+ hours; runs and charges when plugged in
  • Low-cost alternative: ~$7k each vs. ~$20-50k each

SAVe Ventilator Field Report

Making a differentce on the battlefield since 2007

Dr. Paul Little from The Army Today program interviews Staff Sergeant Andrew Harding, who was part of a medevac crew that successfully transported an Afghani police officer that had been shot several times to Bagram Air Base, using the SAVe Ventilator. Col Todd Dombroski describes the role that DARPA and the Rapid Equipping Force played in getting the SAVe fielded quickly.